Top Hidden Android Hacks and Tricks you should know

What are some secret tricks you should know about Android?

There are many android tricks and hacks and also legal techniques to improve your experience and also enjoy its smartness. Here are a few android hacks.

  1. Recovering lost files: With dr. Fone Software you can recover files such as pictures and documents you deleted in your android. Android has the ability to retain this files somewhere back in its memory.
  2. Secret USSD codes: This codes helps you access android’s hardware components. Some of this codes are *#06#(to check IMEI number), *#*#4636#*#*(display information and usage statistics)
  3. Make private calls: with your android you can make private calls, number will be hidden to the receiver. Simply by dialing #31#phone number example: #31#1009928282826 and call the number.
  4. Remote Control of Android via PC: with an application like Teamviewer you can control your android and access your android device via teamviewer and vice versa. Just install teamviewer from their websitesite for the PC and from playstore for your android
  5. Flashing Android: You can flash your android phone by pressing the volume down + power button. Do this to switch on the android and it will open a terminal up, use the volume and down buttons to to through the options and use the power button to select the option: “delete user data”.
  6. Hack WIFI password: You can use ES explorer file manager to see WIFI passwords saved on your device. Just install the application, use it to navigate to your android’s root folder, now navigate to data=>misc=> WIFI. In the WIFi folder you would see wpa_suplicant.conf. Open this file with any editor on your phone, you will see all wifi names and passwords in plain text.
  7. Bypass/Hack pattern lock: with a software like Dr. Fone you can bypass pattern lock or password lock without loosing data. It is done by just connecting your android to your PC and letting the software detect your phone’s module and then with a click of buttons you have bypassed android’s pattern lock.
  8. Rooting Android: Android phone can be rooted without headaches and complication and the fears of bricking your phone. This is done by Kingroot application, it Roots your phone with a click of a single button, if not done successfully then no damaged to your phone.
  9. Track lost android: You can track your lost android by simply going to: Sign in – Google Accounts once there input you gmail and you will see your device location.
  10. Hack whatsapp: with an application like “whatscan for web” you can hack whatsapp. The app is available on playstore

These are just a few tricks out of hundreds i wrote of in my Book. “Hidden Mobile Secrets Revealed” is my book which is a step-by-step guide on core android concepts, tricks and hacks. I talked on concepts like, android cheats, android hacking, scocial media spying,social media hacking, free calls, free texts, free internet, rooting, flashing, tracking lost phones, android hacking tools, etc.

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