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PayPal Exchanger Services

We offer the best exchange rate for your PayPal cash you wouldn't find anywhere. We transfer your money within 24hours.

Why us?

  1. No hidden charges
  2. Check it out, we offer the best exchange rate
  3. We deliver in 24hours
  4. Transparent with fees
  5. You get what you would have gotten if you were withdrawing by yourself


We Would do any type of webmaster job for you, our webmaster services includes:

  • Youtube Playlist Download
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Online Research
  • All file converting in different formats
  • Online Ads and Promotions
  • Consultancy In Tech and business startups
  • Remote Software Troubleshoot Repairs
  • Website to Application Conversion
  • Sending and installation of all software and apps
  • Sending any ebook and pdf of your choice
  • and lots more

Delivery Time: 2-7days

Website and Blog Design Creating

We have Experienced Web designers to create the best of website and blog site for you, do you have a business then you need a website to promote it, elite-works will do just that in no time. Websites are very important for any business and so we understand how just it is important for you, we would satisfy your taste on design and performance. Elite works will convert your ideas to a website. Are you interested in having your own blog, then we would set it up for you in no just time, we create any time of blog and website with the CMS of your choice.

Delivery Time:7days

Ethical Hacking

We have Certified ethical hackers that would carry out  ethical hacking tasks such as:

  • Tracking Hackers, IP Address, Trace and track Spam emails and Calls
  • Create Philsing  website Pages
  • Extract and get Information from any website such as emails, contacts, address, etc
  • Perform Social Engineering Attacks
  • Website and Data Protection
  • Online and social account Security
  • Recovering of online accounts


Delivery Time:1-7days

Website To Application Coversion

Elite-Works dev team would convert your website or blog site to mobile android application instantly and also publish it to google play store on your demand, having an app is more accessible for clients than a website shows statistics. So if your website has started having a lot of traffic then you should consider converting it to a web app/ application and Elite-works dev team will just do that for you.

Delivery Time:2days


Remote Support Technology

We understand that clients have software issues with their PCs and sometimes do not know where to go, elite-dev team are here to bring the service of fixing software issues on your system remotely, that is we do not need to come to you, neither would you  come to us, everything we be done just in front of you sitting down as you watch us work and fix software issues on your PC. We also fix bugs and perform all types of technical jobs on Android mobile devices remotely.

Delivery Time:1-2days

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Elite Works Services

We bring you the best freelancing services and ICT Solutions, you can trust the quality of service you will get from us. Clients have worked with Elite-Works over the years with great satisfaction.

Our Products

We have products and files such as PHP scripts and source codes, affiliate products, ebooks, and application. We also deliver any digital product to clients.


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