How to Speed up your Android Phone

Clear your Cached Data:
Android apps are constantly caching small pieces of data which can build up over time in applications that typically affect the performance of the phone and you want to clear an app’s cached data, either to regain some used space or to try to fix a misbehaving app. To clear cache for all the Android apps in one go, follow these steps: 1. Head into the Settings menu of phone or tablet by pulling down the notification shade and tapping on the gear icon on the top. 2. Look for storage and tap on it. 3. Now tap on Cached Data. 4. Then the pop-up screen will appear for confirmation. 5. Tap on OK to completely erase all cached data from the system. While clearing the entire system cache can be helpful, sometimes you may not want to delete everything, and instead, if you choose to delete the cache for specific apps only, then Android systems allow this too. In order to delete the cache for specific apps follows these steps:

    1. Go to the Settings menu of your device. 2. Search for Apps and tap on it. 3. Here you will find all the apps on your system, tap on the app for which you want to clear the data. 4. Tap on Clear Cache to wipe the cache data for the specific app only.

Clearing cached data does not clear other data like logins or saved games, a number of free programs are also available through the Google Play store that can automate the process. Some of the most popular Free Apps for android phone are App Cache Cleaner and Clean Master.

Remove or Reduce Widgets and Live Wallpapers:
Widgets are an amazing feature of the Android operating system that allows you to see and interact with apps on your home screen without needing to actually launch the app. While these can be helpful for finding information quickly which will save you time. But at the same time, they can consume the battery of the phone and drag the speed of your entire device down. It’s time to cut back or remove them entirely. Reducing the number of widgets, especially data-intensive ones like Facebook, will help your android phone run more smoothly and last longer. We can remove widgets from the home screen by long-pressing the one you wish to delete and drag it to the top of the screen. Just like widgets, another cool Android feature is the option to use live wallpaper as your background. However, live wallpapers too will slow down the device and drain the battery faster. That’s why, if possible, use normal wallpaper, and not any kind of live wallpaper. You can also change your wallpaper with a long press on the home screen. To remove widgets from the home screen, simply long tap the one which you want to remove and then drag it to the top of the screen.

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