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All pieces of information and data are given to us by our clients are not sold to third parties neither is it used for any business what so ever, emails may only be used to send newsletters and notifications to interested clients. Google analytics and webmaster tool are been used to see how our visitors interact with our site.

Our Services

The services offered by elite-works to her clients are of quality and we deliver in time, our clients are to pay for the service in full or partly upfront before we can start the desired service. All service description are to be conveyed via email or phone calls. After which the finished service is then mailed to the client if it is a mailable service such as graphic design, logo design, etc. Services such as remote support technology, ethical hacking, blog creation will be also delivered and reported to the client on service delivery and finishing.

Ethical Hacking Services

Our EH services as the name says is purely ethical, we do not support illegal hacking activity neither do we accept jobs that request so, we do not tamper with government or institute properties except under penetration testing service which requires that the client has the legal right to the object of penetration testing. Services such as creating phishing pages and Reconnaissance(information extraction) are done under the legal part of it, you take responsibility for its usage and delivery.

Products and Projects

Our Products and store items are been purchased via our payment gateway, upon successful payment, the client will be redirected to the product download page.

Appgeyser Apps

Some Of our Store apps are made using appsgeyser app maker platform, and here are the terms and condition together with the privacy policy that are applied to those apps. Appgeyser App privacy policy

we update our terms and conditions as needs arise, we may also send email to notify our clients of an update. Always check to see what's new and added, you agree to the above policies and terms and services when you make use of our website or any of our services.

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