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Elite-Works offers clients, business men and women adverts space to advertise their various business and Products on our site and also on other platforms such as social campaigns and ads(Facebook,Telegram, etc) we accept ads in various forms such as:

  • Image/Banner Ads
  • Gif Ads
  • Video Ads

Image/Banner Ads could be in various sizes/pixels such as 900*90, 240*400, 300*250, etc
Video ads will be displayed at side bar of our website with a viewing size of 336*280
Gif ads will be displayed at the side bar of our website, Gif Ads are normally 240*400 and 336*280 for better communication

Sponsored Post

Elite-Works helps other sites to become popular and get an audience, so we came up with sponsored post. Sponsored post is all about putting your site's article in our website in other to get audience and readers visit your site. Here we are going to give your site credit for the article and also give the user the link to your website for more of such posts/articles

Social Online Ads and Campagins

Elite-Works digital marketers has the statistics that social media ads do alot more better than most other online ads such as website banner placement. Therefore we provide clients with this service of social media ads and campaigns for there business, products or service to travel to a larger audience

Store Item Placement

Are you an App Developer, eBook Writer looking for where you can place and sell your ebook or app then reserve a space with us and get your book or app to the world. You could put up your application or ebook in our store and have your own personal store with just $0.5 for paid apps/ebooks and $0.3 for free apps/ebooks. You could also promote it using our social online ads service

Note: Elite-Works does not accept any sexually oreinted ads or erotic post
               Elite-Works does not support neither do we accept any illegal activity or ads/post

Elite Works is majorly in technology adverts, technology posts, and technologyy products